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Babcock Get's FIT With Women's Coveralls!

We are pleased to announce that Babcock Canada's Victoria Shipyard now supports their tradeswomen with body-specific coveralls - the Eileen Flyaways!

Their fitting took place last month, and was so heartwarming - seeing the faces of the women the first time they take off their male-bodied coveralls and put on a pair of Helgas.

Here is a brief account of that day.

Our handler for the day was a sharp-witted, quick-footed Administrative Assistant, Maisyn Laboucane (seen above). Maisyn greeted us at a running pace, and quickly ushered us from the main security gates, past the banging shrieking calamity of the yard and up to the safe confines of a boardroom.

"I don't even notice the noise anymore" she shrugs as she shows us where to get coffee, and runs us through the Covid Safe Operations procedures for the day.

A dozen women shuffled one-by-one into Babcock’s Victoria office boardroom on the morning of October 20, 2020, in order to be fitted with body-specific coveralls by myself, accompanied by Raff - my rep from our distributor.

There was an excited buzz as women climbed into the Eileen Flyaways and were instructed to test out their mobility - reaching, squatting, climbing.

‘I’ve never had coveralls that fit me before’, and ‘It’s so much easier to move around’ were some of the comments from the women, who came from an array of Trades and STEM fields: welding technologists, risk analysts, surveyors, mechanical advisors, systems and mechanical engineers, test specialists.

Maisyn Laboucane spends time both in the office and performing tasks around the site, and was excited to finally have a pair of safety coveralls that fit, saying:

“I am incredibly grateful and proud to have had Jodi come and provide coverall fittings for myself and my female coworkers. Helga Wear coveralls provide a fit that is graded for women and they come with some amazing features that aren’t available in the unisex coveralls. Having women’s coveralls available to our female workforce is essential in ensuring all of our employees are working both safely and comfortably. Our PPE should be as diverse as our workforce.”

We are unbelievably proud to be the first to service the tradeswomen of Babcock with industrial coveralls that are designed for their bodies.


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