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Jodi's passionate and interactive discussions focus on how we can modernize our trades environments to get ahead of the labour shortage. Drawing from her background in Mechanical Engineering and law, she emphasizes the vital role of embodying inclusive design practises to bolster our trades and STEMM industries. Audiences leave empowered with insights on combating the workforce deficit, fostering safer, stronger workplaces and resilient communities.


Meet Jodi, a dynamic advocate for equity and the driving force behind Helga Wear. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in law, Jodi's engineering field work and eventual journey into entrepreneurship uncovers the unspoken challenges faced by women in the workforce.

In her motivating talk, Jodi addresses a crucial issue: how ill-fitting PPE is affecting people in skilled trades and STEMM.  The audience will take away invaluable insights into the transformative power of proper-fit PPE for men and women. The audience will discover how embracing inclusivity by providing equipment that fits empowers, enhances safety, and widens the hiring pool.

Jodi's message isn't just about safety, it's about strengthening your workforce, your organization's bottom line, and the Canadian economy in face of an ever-looming skilled labour shortage.

Join Jodi in reshaping a new standard for best practices, her passion for building a win-win solution is absolutely contagious.



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