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Women's PPE Suppliers List

True women's PPE has been designed using: women's body data, known standards pertaining to said body data (eg: womenswear grading rules for textiles, the women's foot last for steel toed boots) and field testing on women.

We are setting the standard of proper-fit for PPE for women, and are elevating brands that are offering proper-fit women’s PPE by sharing our ever-growing supplier’s list. Check back regularly for updates!

TO ADD TO OUR LIST send an email to Helga Wear founder:

Supplier List:

PPE: V-style harnesses 

Inclusive: "Over 5,000 diverse bodies used to develop their size chart”

Testimonial: Multiple adjustability options for front clasp, leg straps, and shoulder straps makes it more comfortable for women

PPE: many types of work gloves, sizes XS,S,M,L (although most only available in S,M)

Inclusive: Yes, made using the women’s hand chart

Testimonials: good fit, durable

PPE: women’s work gloves (fitters) in S,M,L,XL, women’s bibs (safety and insulated) in sizes XS,M,L,XL,2XL

Inclusive: Yes, made with women’s body data

PPE: Safety Boots

Inclusive: YES, developed using a woman’s shoe last

Testimonial: must size up, durable, comfortable

PPE: women’s coveralls, tops, bottoms, multiple styles and fabric options, in 7 sizes

Inclusive: Yes, built for women


PPE: women’s Hi-Vis vests, multiple styles - note USA reflective style

Inclusive: TBD 


PPE: Safety Boots

Inclusive: YES, “Royer uses a women’s last which is a women’s foot mould for safety boots”

Testimonial: good fit, comfortable, durable

PPE: Women’s hi-vis surveyor’s vest, in S - XL

Inclusive: "Taylored for women”

Testimonials: N/A

PPE:  Women’s Safety Vests, multiple styles, in XS - XXL

High-Visibility Clothing


Testimonials: 60% gave a 5 star rating on Amazon. Most common comments: must size up, and the garment (fabric, velcro, zipper, pockets and stitching) fails quicker than anticipated, good value for money

PPE: Women’s safety coveralls, multiple fabric options, 26 sizes 

Inclusive: Yes, built for women using women’s body data and grading rules, field tested on tradeswomen

Testimonials: fits well, 75% field testers enjoyed the inseam washroom feature, durable

PPE: women’s mesh hi-vis vest , - note USA reflective style

Inclusive: Yes, in sizes S-3XL


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