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protective clothing for tradeswomen

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Since the episode aired, Jodi got tons of interest in her product, as well as emails full of praise and words of encouragement. One of those emails was from Karen Clarke, the supply chain manager at Seaspan. Karen has helped Jodi move Helga Wear into the right direction by investing in Jodi’s company and having the women at Seaspan conduct a field-testing program with the product

womens safety coveralls designer
seaspan adopts womens safety clothing PPE in Canada

Helga Wear has developed a coverall for the women of Seaspan that meets safety requirements, offers a fit proportioned for a woman’s body, has zippered legs to facilitate going to the washroom, as well as other features such as adjustable collar widths, elasticated waists, and knee pad pockets.

Changing the face of the workforce also means adapting the uniform

With Canada set to face a massive shortage of skilled trade workers over the next 10 to 15 years, recruitment is an urgent focus for trade sector organizations.

womens safety clothing specifically womens coveralls
poor fitting womens coveralls
Workwear Challenges For Women In Trades

As a woman in trades, she can’t find basic equipment, including safety gear, suitable for her size and shape. From boots to gloves, the electrician tells us how she’s had to compromise or be held back on the job.

Season 2 Episode 1: Working Life

Meet Jodi, a woman in her late 30s who dreams of making a success of her line of women’s workwear. 

womens coveralls designer founder of Helga Wear
womens work wear at Embers Staffing solutions and PPE in Canada

For Jodi Huettner, founder of Helga Work Wear, her moment of inspiration came on her first day of fieldwork as a junior engineer. The simple act of having to go to the bathroom sparked a new business idea.

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