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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Recently, I was having a Friday afternoon work and de-stress session with fellow SheEO CEO, Barbara Alinker.

It was a comfort to have another living being to bounce ideas off of, and to, awkwardly, virtually kindle spirits with. She challenged me to just IMAGINE the world I wanted to live in, and so I did. I imagined a world I wanted for my children, my grandchildren, their grandchildren, and their grandchildren's children. It was tough at first, but then a moving, whirling, picture started to come into focus.

Here's a little piece of what I imagined:

  • I imagined a world where women in industry are safe, productive, confident, and well

  • Their gloved hands work fast and with force, over tools, over paperwork, over controls, fine tuned and completing tasks of tremendous skill

  • Their feet are tucked comfortably into steel-toed boots that celebrate their crouch, their clamber, their crawl, and their kick

  • Their bodies are clad in properly plumbed coveralls, of all their glorious shapes and sizes, climbing, reaching, stepping, working, with purpose, peace and mobility

  • Their heads are sheathed in hard hats, and eyes with glasses, that stay in place as they bend and duck, reach and pivot, climb and jump

  • Their torsos are harnessed with respect for their breasts as they balance, lean, and dangle while working at stomach-churning heights

Before long, their numbers climb to 50%, and the very rhythm of the industrial ballet smooths out as their voices are present and respected at every level.

This is an activity I plan on repeating at regular intervals, to go into greater imaginings and more detailed versions of the world I want to live in.

Thanks for imagining with me!


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