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Helping Small Businesses Survive

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Currently the world is in uncharted territory - well, at least uncharted since 1918. Here is an interesting article about that particularly dark period in human history and virology.

National Post article about 1918 Things are beginning to shift around us, as governments start taking serious things they previously had hoped would go away. Those here who have seen what is happening in Italy compared to Japan have started to take notes, making decisions now before being forced to make them when they are too late to be effective. Promises have been made to help out businesses during this difficult time in which they’ve been asked to shut down, scale back, or pivot manufacturing capability. If you read the below article, however, you will see why small businesses will be hurt the most and may not survive. Large multinational corporations don’t need saving, Canadian small businesses do.

The Discourse article by Erin Millar There is a petition you can sign - but a funny thing happened on the way to publish this blog post. Over 20 thousand small businesses signed to indicate the seriousness of the issue and to tell their stories. Small business owners spoke and the government listened. They have recently announced the change from 10% wage subsidy to 75% along with other measures.

Canadian Government updated response We all have a part to play in this crisis - government, business, the private and public sectors, but especially citizens. Things will get better as long as we work together. The signs are all around us, if we take the time to look. Team Helga

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