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Field Testing with the Tradeswomen of Seaspan

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

When I first presented the overalls I had made that improved my field game by an hour (plus) a day excitement filled the room.

"What the heck? Why hasn't this been done before?" One participant commented.

"I could really use this" exclaimed another.

Helga Wear overalls were tailored to fit the female body, and discreetly let women use the washroom in remote locations just like one of the men without taking off their outerwear and exposing themselves thanks to a hidden zippered seam.

Example of what male-bodied coveralls look like on a woman:

Displaying Helga Wear led to a conversation about every conceivable issue that the Women of Seaspan were having with their current, male-bodied, coveralls. Comments included:

"I have to adjust my coverall's shoulders and arms to be able to do overhead work"

"I can't climb over the door sills, or over pipes inside the ships without pulling up my coveralls"

After the discussion, I met with Seaspans Current coverall supplier and began the exciting process of making Helga Wear coveralls for the women of Seaspan.

Over the summer that followed, designs became prototypes, which turned into sample runs, that were put through extensive field testing with the tradeswomen of Seaspan. Each field tester gave me critical feedback and talked about how to make them a truly dependable tool for the women of Seaspan.

What Helga Wear looks like

The final coverall passed with flying colours and not only from a technical standpoint (note double striping on the legs!). By the end of summer, we had built the perfect tradeswomen specific female-bodied coveralls.

Helga Wear is THRILLED to add these Fire Retardant (FR) Coveralls to the product line starting March 2020, and to embark on such an exciting partnership with Seaspan.

I can’t thank the Women Of Seaspan enough for the opportunity to work together to make history in the Canadian Shipyards Industry.


Jodi Huettner


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