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Health & Safety Team

A word to our valued corporate customers: post pandemic we're shifting to a direct sales model focusing on sustainability and quality. We are proud to be advocating for inclusive protective equipment standards, and are partnering with those who share our vision for a better future for trades and active STEMM fields across Canada.

Corporate FAQ

Why do women need graded coveralls as opposed to wearing coveralls graded for men?

First off, absolutely not to show off our curves!

Women's body proportions (eg: shoulder span to height and hip to height ratio) are different from men's. Most women who get 'fit' with men's coveralls end up wearing coveralls with shoulder spans that are too wide, crotch heights that hang way too low, and arm and leg lengths that are too long. This affects arm and leg mobility, and is known to impact health and safety, productivity, professionalism and overall wellness on site.

How do we know Helga Wear is safe and the right fit for our tradeswomen, health and safety team, field engineers/biologists/geologists...etc.

We offer the white glove treatment to set up our clients with Helga Wear because fit and job-specific function are our highest priorities and are critical to our client's productivity and safety. This means: group or personal zoom fittings, field testing programs designed to suit your unique needs, and investment opportunities for product development partnerships.

Do you carry the coveralls we need?

If you see it on our website, then we have it stocked in our Vancouver inventory and will ship it out within 48 hrs from receipt of a PO. All other coveralls are made to order from our partner factory in Manitoba, Canada. 

How do I get a quote?

It's easy. We can give you a quick estimate as soon as we know what you're looking for. 


Where do you manufacture, and what are your minimums and lead times?

We manufacture in Morden Manitoba, and your orders can be as small as 10 units per SKU, that's right, 10 units. 


Lead times will vary as the continued impact of the pandemic puts pressure on supply chains around the globe. As an agile small business we are able to minimize the impact by keeping our minimums low and continuing to source manufacturing and supply locally or as close to home as possible. 

What makes Helga Wear so affordable?

Helga Wear is an investment that's built to last three times longer than the competition, with bar tacking and double stitching to reinforce major stress points, industrial wash grade materials, and doubled fabric on the knees and back pockets. Helga Wear is not industrial fast fashion.

Why is Helga Wear a more sustainable option?

We are committed to making a product that last longer not only to benefit our customers, but in order to keep our coveralls out of the landfill. Furthermore we offer a pickup service for old coveralls to donate to our Downtown East Side community's lending library with Embers Staffing Solutions to support people getting off the street and into trades.

Do you work with industrial launderers?

Although we sell direct, we will work with your industrial launderer in implementing Helga Wear inventory. We aim to exceed their expectations from wash testing to providing ongoing supply chain support for their garment maintenance.

How do we book a pilot project of Helga Wear?

Contact us for a pilot of Eileen's at no cost to you! We loan you 6 units in a range of sizes that works for your field testers and you try them out at no risk. We will be there every step of the way from fitting to field testing using our tried and true field testing program.

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