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Helga Wear is fighting for inclusive safety standards for personal protective equipment.

Our Mission

We are leading the revolution towards equity in the workplace for women because we know that women who wear properly fitting personal protective equipment on the job are...



More efficient

Meet our Founder


"I started out with my sewing machine in East Van, adjusting my gear to suffer less and be more competitive as a junior engineer in the field along coastal BC.


Having spent hundreds of hours wearing the smaller sizes of standard male-bodied safety garments, I found that I was far from safe.


While designing and developing women's safety coveralls, I uncovered surprising hidden barriers for women in trades and active STEM, for example why PPE never seems to fit women quite right.

Today my focus is on advocating for inclusive personal protective equipment standards, because where safety is concerned we need to acknowledge the known body statistics for women's proportions and stop treating them as scaled down from men's.

I have great hope that Canada will lead the way, setting a new bar for inclusive safety standards...and the sooner the better.


Reach out to partner with us in this effort, all allies are welcome!"


Jodi Huettner

President & CEO of Helga Wear 

B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, 

Concentration: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Minor: Law

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